How does PFG Rewards Grass Machinery work?
PFG Rewards Grass Machinery is a sales incentive program that rewards sales staff
with Velocity Frequent Flyer Points* for their Grass Machinery sales





Use Powerlink to order eligible Grass
Machinery products and earn up to
20,000 Velocity Points* per product.


Your Velocity Points will be loaded
automatically within 12 weeks of
the completed sales.


You can then Redeem your
Velocity Frequent Flyer Points to
reward yourself.


You can easily boost your Velocity Points balance with Velocity's Partners
through your daily activities like filling up with petrol,
using your credit card or even for your online shopping!

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Love Myer gift cards? No worries! You can redeem your Velocity Points
on gift cards, vouchers, experiences and on hundreds of other products from the
Velocity Rewards Store. Plus get flights, flight upgrades, accommodation and more.

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